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 Comparison Functions
  - Function: int mpf_cmp (mpf_t OP1, mpf_t OP2)
  - Function: int mpf_cmp_d (mpf_t OP1, double OP2)
  - Function: int mpf_cmp_ui (mpf_t OP1, unsigned long int OP2)
  - Function: int mpf_cmp_si (mpf_t OP1, signed long int OP2)
      Compare OP1 and OP2.  Return a positive value if OP1 > OP2, zero
      if OP1 = OP2, and a negative value if OP1 < OP2.
      `mpf_cmp_d' can be called with an infinity, but results are
      undefined for a NaN.
  - Function: int mpf_eq (mpf_t OP1, mpf_t OP2, unsigned long int op3)
      Return non-zero if the first OP3 bits of OP1 and OP2 are equal,
      zero otherwise.  I.e., test if OP1 and OP2 are approximately equal.
      Caution: Currently only whole limbs are compared, and only in an
      exact fashion.  In the future values like 1000 and 0111 may be
      considered the same to 3 bits (on the basis that their difference
      is that small).
  - Function: void mpf_reldiff (mpf_t ROP, mpf_t OP1, mpf_t OP2)
      Compute the relative difference between OP1 and OP2 and store the
      result in ROP.  This is abs(OP1-OP2)/OP1.
  - Macro: int mpf_sgn (mpf_t OP)
      Return +1 if OP > 0, 0 if OP = 0, and -1 if OP < 0.
      This function is actually implemented as a macro.  It evaluates
      its arguments multiple times.
Info Catalog ( Float Arithmetic ( Floating-point Functions ( I/O of Floats
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