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 The driver file
    Adding a new printer to a driver module (`print-escp2.c',
 `print-pcl.c', or `print-canon.c'--`print-ps.c' is really ad hoc)
 requires a bit more planning.  Each driver is somewhat different, but
 they all generally have a vector of printer definitions, and the code
 does some special casing based on particular printer capabilities.  The
 PCL and Canon drivers are quite similar; the Canon driver was actually
 cribbed from the PCL driver, but it then returned the favor.
    The Epson driver is a little bit different.  Canon and PCL printers
 have some amount of intelligence; a lot of them have specific ink
 options, and know about specific paper sizes and types, and must be
 told the right thing.  Epson printers have somewhat less intelligence
 and will more or less do exactly what the host tells it to do in a
 fairly regular fashion.  I actually prefer this; it isn't materially
 more work for the host to compute things like exact paper sizes and
 such, it allows a lot more tweaking, and it may be why Epson has been
 more open with information - the communication protocol doesn't really
 contain very much IP, so they have less reason to keep it secret.
    Someone else will have to fill in the sections about PCL and Canon
Info Catalog ( printers ( New Printer ( Epson inkjet printers
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