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 C.4 Rcsinfo
 The `rcsinfo' file can be used to specify a form to edit when filling
 out the commit log.  The `rcsinfo' file has a syntax similar to the
 `verifymsg', `commitinfo' and `loginfo' files.   syntax.  Unlike
 the other files the second part is _not_ a command-line template.
 Instead, the part after the regular expression should be a full
 pathname to a file containing the log message template.
    If the repository name does not match any of the regular expressions
 in this file, the `DEFAULT' line is used, if it is specified.
    All occurrences of the name `ALL' appearing as a regular expression
 are used in addition to the first matching regular expression or
    The log message template will be used as a default log message.  If
 you specify a log message with `cvs commit -m MESSAGE' or `cvs commit -f
 FILE' that log message will override the template.
     verifymsg, for an example `rcsinfo' file.
    When CVS is accessing a remote repository, the contents of `rcsinfo'
 at the time a directory is first checked out will specify a template.
 This template will be updated on all `cvs update' commands. It will
 also be added to new directories added with a `cvs add new-directory'
 command.  In versions of CVS prior to version 1.12, the `CVS/Template'
 file was not updated. If the CVS server is at version 1.12 or higher an
 older client may be used and the `CVS/Template' will be updated from
 the server.
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