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 2.2.1 Where files are stored within the repository
 The overall structure of the repository is a directory tree
 corresponding to the directories in the working directory.  For
 example, supposing the repository is in
 here is a possible directory tree (showing only the directories):
       |   |
       |   +--cvsroot
       |   |    |
       |   |    +--CVSROOT
                |      (administrative files)
                |   |
                |   +--diff
                |   |   (source code to GNU diff)
                |   |
                |   +--rcs
                |   |   (source code to RCS)
                |   |
                |   +--cvs
                |       (source code to CVS)
                    |    |
                    |    +--man
                    |    |
                    |    +--testing
                    +--(other Yoyodyne software)
    With the directories are "history files" for each file under version
 control.  The name of the history file is the name of the corresponding
 file with `,v' appended to the end.  Here is what the repository for
 the `yoyodyne/tc' directory might look like:
          |   |
          |   +--tc
          |   |   |
                  |    |
                  |    +--tc.1,v
    The history files contain, among other things, enough information to
 recreate any revision of the file, a log of all commit messages and the
 user-name of the person who committed the revision.  The history files
 are known as "RCS files", because the first program to store files in
 that format was a version control system known as RCS.  For a full
 description of the file format, see the `man' page `rcsfile(5)',
 distributed with RCS, or the file `doc/RCSFILES' in the CVS source
 distribution.  This file format has become very common--many systems
 other than CVS or RCS can at least import history files in this format.
    The RCS files used in CVS differ in a few ways from the standard
 format.  The biggest difference is magic branches; for more information
 see  Magic branch numbers.  Also in CVS the valid tag names are
 a subset of what RCS accepts; for CVS's rules see  Tags.
Info Catalog ( Repository storage ( File permissions
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