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 1.3.2 Committing your changes
 When you have checked that the compiler is still compilable you decide
 to make a new version of `backend.c'.  This will store your new
 `backend.c' in the repository and make it available to anyone else who
 is using that same repository.
      $ cvs commit backend.c
 CVS starts an editor, to allow you to enter a log message.  You type in
 "Added an optimization pass.", save the temporary file, and exit the
    The environment variable `$CVSEDITOR' determines which editor is
 started.  If `$CVSEDITOR' is not set, then if the environment variable
 `$EDITOR' is set, it will be used. If both `$CVSEDITOR' and `$EDITOR'
 are not set then there is a default which will vary with your operating
 system, for example `vi' for unix or `notepad' for Windows NT/95.
    In addition, CVS checks the `$VISUAL' environment variable.
 Opinions vary on whether this behavior is desirable and whether future
 releases of CVS should check `$VISUAL' or ignore it.  You will be OK
 either way if you make sure that `$VISUAL' is either unset or set to
 the same thing as `$EDITOR'.
    When CVS starts the editor, it includes a list of files which are
 modified.  For the CVS client, this list is based on comparing the
 modification time of the file against the modification time that the
 file had when it was last gotten or updated.  Therefore, if a file's
 modification time has changed but its contents have not, it will show
 up as modified.  The simplest way to handle this is simply not to worry
 about it--if you proceed with the commit CVS will detect that the
 contents are not modified and treat it as an unmodified file.  The next
 `update' will clue CVS in to the fact that the file is unmodified, and
 it will reset its stored timestamp so that the file will not show up in
 future editor sessions.
    If you want to avoid starting an editor you can specify the log
 message on the command line using the `-m' flag instead, like this:
      $ cvs commit -m "Added an optimization pass" backend.c
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