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 10.1 Texinfo
 If the current directory contains Texinfo source, you must declare it
 with the `TEXINFOS' primary.  Generally Texinfo files are converted
 into info, and thus the `info_TEXINFOS' macro is most commonly used
 here.  Note that any Texinfo source file must end in the `.texi' or
 `.texinfo' extension.  
    If the `.texi' file `@include's `version.texi', then that file will
 be automatically generated.  The file `version.texi' defines three
 Texinfo macros you can reference: `EDITION', `VERSION', and `UPDATED'.
 The first two hold the version number of your package (but are kept
 separate for clarity); the last is the date the primary file was last
 modified.  The `version.texi' support requires the `mdate-sh' program;
 this program is supplied with Automake and automatically included when
 `automake' is invoked with the `--add-missing' option.
    Sometimes an info file actually depends on more than one `.texi'
 file.  For instance, in GNU Hello, `hello.texi' includes the file
 `gpl.texi'.  You can tell Automake about these dependencies using the
 `TEXI_TEXINFOS' variable.  Here is how GNU Hello does it: 
      info_TEXINFOS = hello.texi
      hello_TEXINFOS = gpl.texi
    By default, Automake requires the file `texinfo.tex' to appear in
 the same directory as the Texinfo source.  However, if you used
 `AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR' in `' ( Finding `configure' Input
 (autoconf)Input.), then `texinfo.tex' is looked for there.  Automake
 supplies `texinfo.tex' if `--add-missing' is given.
    If your package has Texinfo files in many directories, you can use
 the variable `TEXINFO_TEX' to tell Automake where to find the canonical
 `texinfo.tex' for your package.  The value of this variable should be
 the relative path from the current `' to `texinfo.tex':
      TEXINFO_TEX = ../doc/texinfo.tex
    The option `no-texinfo.tex' can be used to eliminate the requirement
 for `texinfo.tex'.  Use of the variable `TEXINFO_TEX' is preferable,
 however, because that allows the `dvi' target to still work.
    Automake generates an `install-info' target; some people apparently
 use this.  By default, info pages are installed by `make install'.
 This can be prevented via the `no-installinfo' option.
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