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 11 What Gets Installed
 Naturally, Automake handles the details of actually installing your
 program once it has been built.  All `PROGRAMS', `SCRIPTS',
 `LIBRARIES', `LISP', `DATA' and `HEADERS' are automatically installed
 in the appropriate places.
    Automake also handles installing any specified info and man pages.
    Automake generates separate `install-data' and `install-exec'
 targets, in case the installer is installing on multiple machines which
 share directory structure--these targets allow the machine-independent
 parts to be installed only once.  The `install' target depends on both
 of these targets.  
    Automake also generates an `uninstall' target, an `installdirs'
 target, and an `install-strip' target.  
    It is possible to extend this mechanism by defining an
 `install-exec-local' or `install-data-local' target.  If these targets
 exist, they will be run at `make install' time.  
    Variables using the standard directory prefixes `data', `info',
 `man', `include', `oldinclude', `pkgdata', or `pkginclude' (e.g.
 `data_DATA') are installed by `install-data'.
    Variables using the standard directory prefixes `bin', `sbin',
 `libexec', `sysconf', `localstate', `lib', or `pkglib' (e.g.
 `bin_PROGRAMS') are installed by `install-exec'.
    Any variable using a user-defined directory prefix with `exec' in
 the name (e.g. `myexecbin_PROGRAMS' is installed by `install-exec'.
 All other user-defined prefixes are installed by `install-data'.
    Automake generates support for the `DESTDIR' variable in all install
 rules.  `DESTDIR' is used during the `make install' step to relocate
 install objects into a staging area.  Each object and path is prefixed
 with the value of `DESTDIR' before being copied into the install area.
 Here is an example of typical DESTDIR usage:
      make DESTDIR=/tmp/staging install
    This places install objects in a directory tree built under
 `/tmp/staging'.  If `/gnu/bin/foo' and `/gnu/share/aclocal/foo.m4' are
 to be installed, the above command would install
 `/tmp/staging/gnu/bin/foo' and `/tmp/staging/gnu/share/aclocal/foo.m4'.
    This feature is commonly used to build install images and packages.
 For more information, see  Makefile Conventions
 (standards)Makefile Conventions.
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