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 2.1 General Operation
 Automake works by reading a `' and generating a
 `'.  Certain macros and targets defined in the `'
 instruct Automake to generate more specialized code; for instance, a
 `bin_PROGRAMS' macro definition will cause targets for compiling and
 linking programs to be generated.
    The macro definitions and targets in the `' are copied
 verbatim into the generated file.  This allows you to add arbitrary code
 into the generated `'.  For instance the Automake
 distribution includes a non-standard `cvs-dist' target, which the
 Automake maintainer uses to make distributions from his source control
    Note that GNU make extensions are not recognized by Automake.  Using
 such extensions in a `' will lead to errors or confusing
    Automake tries to group comments with adjoining targets and macro
 definitions in an intelligent way.
    A target defined in `' generally overrides any such
 target of a similar name that would be automatically generated by
 `automake'.  Although this is a supported feature, it is generally best
 to avoid making use of it, as sometimes the generated rules are very
    Similarly, a macro defined in `' will override any
 definition of the macro that `automake' would ordinarily create.  This
 feature is more often useful than the ability to override a target
 definition.  Be warned that many of the macros generated by `automake'
 are considered to be for internal use only, and their names might
 change in future releases.
    When examining a macro definition, Automake will recursively examine
 macros referenced in the definition.  For example, if Automake is
 looking at the content of `foo_SOURCES' in this snippet
      xs = a.c b.c
      foo_SOURCES = c.c $(xs)
    it would use the files `a.c', `b.c', and `c.c' as the contents of
    Automake also allows a form of comment which is _not_ copied into
 the output; all lines beginning with `##' are completely ignored by
    It is customary to make the first line of `' read:
      ## Process this file with automake to produce
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